Why TEFL Teacher Training?

Because my years in the trenches teaching English to everything from young kids to international executives to university students to future resort managers – and even bored housewives has clearly shown me that most new teachers need a good fundamental grounding in teaching methods.

BUT, it has also shown me that those English teaching methods don’t have to be boring or tedious – or difficult to learn.

Most TEFL Training courses around the world are obsessive-compulsive about the ONE methodology they advocate hoping everyone gets a few basics, but forgetting that all students and teachers don’t tidily fit in one box.  And they almost uniformly focus on teaching grammar structures rather than functions – to me a tragic error that discourages and bores students worldwide and sends teachers back to their home countries wondering just how much they really helped their students.

My twenty years abroad, university graduate level training in education (M.Ed.), PGCE in TEFL and assorted TEFL certifications taught me to look a bit further than just the simple one-size-fits-all methods of the TEFL Cert and CELTA courses offered around the world and I hope to share those simple and easy to master methods with the readers of Ted’s TEFL Teacher Training.

Come on board and learn to ENJOY teaching and how to help your students get motivated — and happy to be in your classroom.

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