Teach English in Hotels and Resorts around the World

Teach English in Resorts and Hotels around the World

It is a bit funny that you read so much from different TEFL certification vendors about teaching English around the world: the adventure – the great locations – etc – but none of them EVER seem to talk about one of the best options available to teachers: teaching English at hotels and resorts in some of the world’s best and most beautiful locations.

This is a career option that is a bit counter intuitive when you are starting out.   Go right to the top – to the best hotels and resorts.  Don’t go looking for jobs in the two or three star resorts.  They generally don’t care too much about the English skills of their employees.  It is the five-star hotels, villas and resorts that know that good communication skills equal good guest relations and good service.   And those communication skills are in English as these resorts will serve people from around the world and the only common language is usually English.

How do you find these jobs?  Look at websites that sell five star resorts and hotels.  Look for the best hotels in resort areas.  Check Bali, the Maldives, Kenya, Tanzania, Hainan, the China Beach area of Vietnam, Siem Reap in Cambodia, Phuket and Samui in Thailand, Boracay in the Philippines and just about anywhere else you might think of where tourism is the #1 industry and where it is done well.

Many people teach English because they want to “see the world”  – why not see the very best parts of it?  The parts so popular that major resorts and hotels have been built there.

The best resource around is the Hotel and Resort English eBook offered by TEFL eBooks.  The book was written by a teacher who – at the time – was teaching at a five star resort on a tropical island.  The eBook is a compilation of lessons taught at a Hilton hotel to help staff meet the discriminating wants and needs of their guests.

Just one more great option to try!

TED’s Tips™ #1: Use your imagination a bit and seek employment in some of the worlds most beautiful and interesting resort locations.  Hospitality English is an option not often explored by newbies or even oldies in the TEFL industry.  Go and work in the location of your dreams!