Where to find Jobs Teaching English

I don’t usually like to do pages or posts of just links, but the job search is an important part of getting yourself abroad.  While we could probably list 100+ jobs websites, we will focus on the major and more reputable jobs sites.

All the jobs websites will open in a new window, so you won’t lose the list on this page.
And, usually, the link is to the international jobs page – not to the home page of the website.

These jobs lists will be a good taste for you as to just how much in demand YOU are!

Here are some of the BEST Websites with Jobs Teaching English Around the World

Probably the busiest TEFL jobs website in the world:
Dave’s ESL Cafe

A few of the more popular jobs websites with international coverage and LOTS of jobs:

Total ESL



ESL Employment

ESL Jobs Now

ESL Base

TESOL.org – This website is more oriented toward the professional TEFL instructor with a graduate degree.

A Couple Regional Websites with Jobs Teaching English

Jobs Teaching English in China

Jobs Teaching English in Thailand

If you are a qualified and experienced teacher in your home country seeking employment at international schools abroad, check out International School Services They do charge for their services, but they are the exception to the rule that you should never pay for placement.   They aren’t cheap, but their fee is well worth the end result.

TED’s Tips™ #1: IF you work with a recruiter, work with only one at a time.  If your resume shows up at an employer via several recruiters, schools will assume that interviewing you will be a waste of time as you will have so many options.

TED’s Tips™ #2:  NEVER pay anyone for your job.  The demand is great enough that you don’t need to.