Experienced Teacher Teaching English Abroad

Heading Abroad to Teach English

A teacher with a graduate degree proposed this topic:

I am looking into teaching English abroad (of course!). I graduated last year with a Master of Arts in Teaching. I’m looking for information about teaching in the Middle East, as paying off my student loans sounds like a very enticing idea, and I do like challenges.
I have a few questions for you.

First, would I be qualified to teach at a university in the Middle East if I were to be TEFL or Celta certified (but without a Master’s in TEFL)? (And if so, where can I look to find those job opportunities?). Second, are there areas or countries in the Middle East in which it would be more acceptable to be a young woman living on her own?

With an MA in Teaching and a TEFL certification I would think that you would qualify to teach just about anywhere. However, most countries in the Middle East will require at least a couple years experience.

Students in that part of the world can be “difficult” to say the least and schools like teachers that are a bit seasoned and able to deal with the problems that come up. UAE is one of the more liberal countries though your school will probably decide where you live as it will likely be a part of your employment package and you’ll not likely be “a young woman living on her own” – you’ll probably be in a compound of some sort.

For starters get the TEFL Certification and head to Korea where you can also probably land a university job and save almost as much money but without the difficultly of Middle Eastern cultures. Once you have a few years experience and if you want to save even a bit more (but probably get less paid time off) then head to the Middle East.

TED’s Tips™ #1: Get some experience before heading to the Middle East. Conditions can be difficult there and it is better if you have been around the block a couple times before getting into the mix.