Resources for Teachers of English

One of the Best Resources for Teachers:

I don’t usually – or actually NEVER – spend a full post raving about another website, but in this case I would be neglecting my duty to teachers if I didn’t let you know about a secret used for years by experienced teachers.

English Tips (dot org – don’t do dot com!) is a favorite as it gives you a chance to download and try out many of the best English teaching books, tapes, manuals, etc. on the market.

Now . . . this is not just a download it for free and scam the author type website. As a teacher you can download materials to see if they fit you and your students’ needs. Bottom line – if you like and use it, you should go and buy it. But as most teachers know, you can spend a fortune on materials and often they just aren’t or weren’t what you were looking for.

It is nice to have the opportunity to try the materials first, especially for teachers in countries where they are working for a modest wage. Some teachers just can’t afford to take a chance on a $25 student book that comes with a $40 teacher’s manual and an $80 set of tapes. Well, you can often find and download these things at English Tips (dot org) and give them a test run to see if they are what you want.

Understand that I am NOT suggesting you download and use materials in violation of copyright – just get a teacher’s approval-type copy, give it a try and if it is a useful tool for you – go buy it.

TED’s Tips™ #1: Give English Tips dot org a try and you’ll likely end up a regular.