The author of this website has lived and worked successfully in five foreign countries since 1989. But, he is not a doctor: get your medical advice from your physician before making any decisions about your personal health needs.

The author is not a financial “expert”.  Make your personal financial decisions using your own best judgment and for anything more complicated than paying your water bill, consult a professional.

The author is not a professional personal relationships counselor.  Be sure to talk to your family, spouse, children, significant other, “partner” or anyone else involved in your decision making.  Seek a professional counselor for anything that seems even mildly discomforting for you.

Know that living overseas is not a good idea for people with mental health and/or relationship issues.  Life overseas, in fact, offers a more challenging (and rewarding!) environment than you are used to in your home country.

TEFLteacherTraining.com can offer you reliable advice that you can obtain only by sitting down and talking one-to-one with experienced teachers for days – or even weeks.  All that said, things change, things work for some people that may not work for others, the road of life can be bumpy sometimes.  Things don’t always go perfectly.  If you are seeking a perfect life that is free of any challenges, you won’t find it here.

Bottom line:

One of the best things about living overseas is leaving behind that attitude of everyone blaming someone else for how their life has turned out.

Overseas it will be much more clear to you as to who is responsible for your life.  You are.

But you already know that and that is why you a here, looking for alternatives to improve your life.


By accessing this website – by reading the material on this website – you are acknowledging that you are responsible for your OWN decisions.  You alone are reponsible for making your life work.