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  1. Hi Ted, really enjoyed your expertise. Late bloomer, veteran teacher, wondering if there are opportunities to combine the teaching of English and technology in the greater world? I have taught middle school core for 20 years and yearn for new horizons. Any advice? Thanks for your expertise and welcoming style. vb

  2. Hello Victor,
    Well . . . I hope your website has some ideas?! It depends a bit on what you mean by technology or what you want it to do. Most of my time overseas has been spent avoiding the use of technology in the classroom as equipment in non-developed countries is so often broken or doesn’t work correctly. As a teacher-trainer in the non-developed world I’ve always made sure my teacher-trainees knew to NOT rely on teach that the school provides and to always have a back up plan for when things go awry. Overall that means I’m not an expert in that area. Want to write a guest blog on teacher training and technology? I would be happy to host it – assuming it was oriented towards developing countries which don’t have all the bells and whistles in the classrooms.

  3. Hi Ted!
    I was surfing on the net and bumped onto your website.I was looking for some more information about TEFL as I have recently discovered the concept.I am 21 and studying literature in India.I’ve always wanted to have a job that helps me grow as a person and gives me the oppurtunity to travel as well, hence TEFl does seem like a good option.

    I think what you’re doing is great.Nothing can be better than encouraging people to live their dream.What you’ve said in your profile about not being able to start teaching right after your graduation struck a chord with me.Maybe travelling will help me discover my true purpose in life!

  4. Hi Ted,

    Can you please email a link to me showing a schedule for upcoming classes in Asia? I want to get my TESOL certification but I’d prefer to study in an actual classroom setting as opposed to an online class.

    Also, I’m headed to Hong Kong early next year and would really like to have a TESOL class lined up before leaving.

    Thanks and best regards from Texas!

  5. Hello Roger,
    Asia – is a big place – and I am not aware of any one website or link that would have all the training schedules for all the schools throughout Asia. You might Google for a specific city or country and start from there.

  6. Dear Ted,

    I have to say that I was truly having one of those gloomy days when I came across your blog. Again, my application for a teaching position abroad was declined and the reason is I’m non-native. It doesn’t matter now. I just know what to do, having read your “non-native teacher of English” post. In fact, I’m writing to you with a big cheesy smile on my face. Your words inspired me in many ways. I’m overwhelmed.

    I’m (another) non-native teacher of English that have been hitting the brick wall set in the face of many talented non-native teachers for too long. Yes, I know I’m talented but I also know that talents are doomed to perish if not nourished.

    I’d been teaching English for two years before I decided it was time to get some sort of professional training. I knew that teaching English was just the right thing to do, that I didn’t care to look back once at the four years I spent in college to get my Bachelor of Science or consider other career options. I was determined to develop my teaching skills, and so there I was on a five-hour flight to London to commence my first ever official teacher training. I have to admit that I was at first a litte scared. I thought I would not really compare to my native peers. I was so naive!

    I believe I was one of the best trainees in my group. I have to admit though that my very first lessons were a bit out of shape but once I gathered my confidence up it was all smiles.

    I was so good that my CELTA tutors nicknamed me the ‘king of grammar’ and would refer anyone who had trouble analysing a grammar point to me. I was so good that my students were literally shocked when I told them that I was not English. I always thought that I had a heavy accent but one of my tutors told me that it was as good as native.

    I know things are not really going the way I planned it, but I’m still full of hope!

    I understand that teaching English isn’t all about grammar or lexis or pron; a teacher needs to communicate the culture as well but that I believe is quite ‘learnable’ too, isn’t it?

    I know one day I WILL find my dream job.

    In the end, I would like to thank you for crossing my path today. You made a difference in my life today. Thank You.


  7. Hi Swerky,
    Thank you for your good comments! You are an inspiration to others. As we all know, the only way to get that “dream” job or “dream” anything is to go get it. It is never handed to us without some sort of special effort. I think you are on the right path. Go get ’em!

  8. Dear Ted,
    Thank you really for this great blog, i could really find all the matters that were coming across my mind regarding the TEFL career. I’m still at the first steps of the career, i really managed to know a big deal about it via the internet but i have still few questions that need answers. First, how to develop a native American accent. Second, can i start any other career while putting TEFL in my mind and then starting it later because at the moment i have no experience in TEFL and i want to work on developing my English. I’m looking forward to your answers, thank you.

  9. Hello Abdullah,
    If you want to work on an American accent then an excellent program is here: http://www. They are also excellent at just helping you improve your English. I am not sure how to answer your other questions about developing an alternative career. That would depend a lot on you, your skills and where you are currently located and what options are available there.
    I hope that helps a bit.

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