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We welcome guest articles from experienced teachers and even newbie teachers.

If you have something you feel is important to share – particularly related to teaching and skills training- we’d love to post it here for you.

We don’t think we know everything, so we are happy to learn more from you.

We are interested in creating a successful skills for students and how you have made that happen.

By helping others, you help yourself in the big scheme of karma . . .

We are also interested in country profiles – an overview of the jobs scene in a specific country – IF you are working there or have worked there recently.

Requirements of a Guest Post

Sorry that we have to be so specific, but history says we must . . .

A minimum of 400 words are required and we prefer 500-600 words.  More is okay if there is meat on the bones.

Please write using English correctly.  Don’t submit something written in email short hand.  We don’t really have time to edit your work.  Inability to write properly probably means you should not be teaching English.

Links – unless to very authoritative websites – are not accepted.   Writing an article for TEFL Teacher Training to get a link to your blog or website is not what we are looking for.  We will not post it.  If you submit an article with such a link and we like the article – we will remove the link and post your article.  Fair warning!   If you don’t follow our wishes, we won’t follow yours.

Links again – absolutely, positively NO links to irrelevant sites.  That means no links to gambling or gaming sites, to any unrelated to teaching English abroad.  Don’t waste your time or ours by submitting articles with such links.  We DO read submissions.  Preferably, just no links at all unless very germain to the topic.

We 100% reserve the right to accept submissions that we want and to reject those that do not interest us.    We are not interested in fights, debates or anything other than what we think our readers would like to know.  We might disagree about what they want to read and know – and in that case – our opinion is final.  We won’t debate it with you.

Submit your article to Ted @ using ONLY a Word document.   Please put TEFL Teacher Training in the subject line.

My apologies, but some legal mumbo jumbo . . .  Terms and Conditions, etc.

Anything you write and that we publish becomes the property of

We are the sole deciders of if it remains on the site or is removed and if it should be edited or altered in any way.

By submitting your article to agree to the above conditions.

TWO WAYS . . .

There are two ways to go about this.  You may contact us and ask if we are interested in your topic and we will let you know OR you can just write it up and send it.   A well written article may convince us of something we would have rejected had we been asked.

Either way – send your inquiry or article (Word documents ONLY) to Ted @ – Again – Please put TEFL TEACHER TRAINING in the subject line.




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Finding your first job Teaching English


Finding Your First EFL Teaching Job

The demand for EFL teachers worldwide is so great that you will find it surprisingly easy to land your first job offer. But take your time, find the right position and make sure you will be happy.

If you are interested trying your hand at teaching English overseas, but don’t yet want to commit to a one-year contract, go over to
TEFL Temp where information about short-term TEFL positions is posted. Some are as short four months and even include airfare and training. Hard to beat that!

Just about everything you could ever want to know about finding your first position Teaching English Overseas and just about everything else about living and working in another country – can be found at our companion website: TEFL Daddy.

Whether thinking about a two-year “lark” teaching overseas – or if you would like TEFL to offer you a long-term career – give the website a good read. No, it doesn’t really have all the answers, because the answers are as individual as each person thinking of entering the field.

Your needs, interests, skills, and goals are unique. But, TEFL Daddy can at least help you address each issue and get on the road to finding exactly what might fit you best.

TEFL Daddy was written by a former Peace Corps Volunteer (Botswana 89-91) who designed the site with the complete “Newbie” in mind and answers just about every question you might have about Teaching English Overseas.

From country selection, paying student loans, insurance, how to deal with aging parents, to visas and contracts – and even investment from overseas – you can find it all at:

TEFL Daddy

Once you land that first job – put what you have learned on this website to work!

TED’s Tips™ #1: Like finding a job in any industry, that first job may not be perfect – nor the one of your dreams. But it is a start. Just because you are heading overseas, don’t let your head get stuck in fantasyland. It is still a job, things are still required of you and your new employer will expect you to deliver. It is all part of growing up – even if you are already in your 60s.

TED’s Tips™ #2: Check out other parts of this website, especially the sections on teaching “ESP” and Business English, so you can maximize your first job.