Passive Job Searchs in TEFL – Often Don’t Work

Finding that TEFL job that you want . . .  Get up off your butt and go get it.

My apologies already for being TOO direct!

I hear all too often from people who sent out a few emails and weren’t offered a perfect job that met all their fantasies and dreams.

A job where they would get free airfare, free accommodation, don’t have to teach much and get lots of paid vacation – just because they are a native speaker!  Wow!  Sign me up too.

Part of the problem is that many TEFL Training schools – which shall remain nameless here – promise the ability to travel the world, make big money and all in exchange for simply taking their course.

Many have TRAVEL in their company name – very few have the words TEFL or even WORK in their names – because they are mainly interested in marketing and selling you something.

They really don’t want  you to think too much about actually having to work while you are traveling the world for free on someone else’s money.

That Perfect World DOES Exist – for a few people

Well, let’s face the reality that such a world does exist for a few blond-haired, blue-eyed, young and attractive white people  Of the model sort if you know what I mean.  The wind blowing through their perfectly blond hair as they smile into the sunset.

That’s the stereotype that many foreign language school directors believe their customers want in a teacher.  What should be standing in the front of their classroom.

Yeah, it’s out there for them, but what about the rest of us?  What about me?  I’m 59 and kind of old looking.  Maybe really old looking!  Might have been blond once, but now the hair is white!  Aaggghhh!

Yep, even I would have difficulty landing a job from abroad these days.  Great qualifications.  Lots of experience.  Too d*mn old.

We have numerous posts here and about conducting a good job search.  Read them and get with the program.

Here is what to do if you are too old . . . like me:  TEFL Jobs Search for Older People

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And . . . here’s an important post on the attitude that helps most: TEFL and Your Attitude – the easy path to success.

If you persist in having problems, then try an internship – check out the banner link below.

TED’s Tips™ #1: I’ll be the first to admit that blogs are not easy to find your way around.  But – you might well find it worth your time and effort to search around this site and also over at for information about how to best conduct a good job search.  It can make all the difference in the world.   And, you know what?  It’s still easier than landing a decent job in your home country.  I promise!

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